Two World Class Miniature Golf Courses

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"A beautiful country-club style course."

-N.Y. Times

  • Pine Creek Bridge

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  • First Hole Lower Course

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  • Beautiful Natural Setting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fundraiser - Your organization sells special fundraiser tickets - personalized with your organization's name - for the general public to play at Pine Creek whenever they choose. Your organization earns a substantial share of the tickets proceeds.

Payments - For individual play, we accept cash or credit cards; for parties, we also accept checks.

Parking- We have a Parking Lot for 165 cars (and a grassy area as needed).

Bathrooms - Yes, there are bathrooms on each course.

What if it Rains?

Golf-players can usually play in a drizzle, if no threat of lightning.


  1. Parties that do not require a deposit (e.g., typical birthday party) can choose not to come, with no penalty. We ask that they let us know of their plans - either way - if the weather is iffy.
  2. Parties that require a deposit can re-schedule for any available time within one year.

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